Tips for Executing the Perfect White-on-White Wedding Décor

Choosing the perfect color for your wedding can be quite a daunting task. Many brides spend hours debating between colors only to pick one and find out that it is impossible to find flowers that match the bridesmaid dresses or that it totally clashes with the venue colors. Through the back and fourths of “this color is too bright”, “this one is too predictable”, “this will make my wedding look like a rainbow” and more, many brides over look the idea of simply not choosing a color.

The absence of color, aka white, is the perfect way to allow yourself to really focus on the details. Decorating in all white allows you to execute the “mood” of your wedding. You can use your décor to communicate that you are elegant, chic, sophisticated, laidback, or unique and not have to worry about loosing those details in all the color. Keep reading for tips to pull off the perfect white-on-white wedding.



Mixing textures and shapes is the key to adding interest to you tables. Layer with a lace tablecloth and have fun mixing and matching each place setting. The mixture will not be too distracting because the colors are tonal! Cut crystal champagne coupes and vintage silver are perfect to balance with the all white detailing.



Don’t be fooled into thinking that all whites are created equal. Just like any color, there are many shades and tones of white! Add depth to your floral arrangements by mixing bright whites and soft creams from roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas and more.



Having white-on-white wedding décor does not mean that every single inch needs to be white. Add extra greenery to the tables and flowers or accent with metallics. As long as you are pulling color from natural places, like the center of a flower, the theme will still feel like “all white”.



All white décor is the perfect medium to take risks. The tonal effect of white-on-white allows you to have that over-the-top or quirky accent that might stand out too much when using color.


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