The Perfect Shoes

Shoes can easily make or break your wedding day. Brides are often standing from the moment they begin down the aisle up until they leave the reception, so it is definitely important to be wearing the right shoes! Shoes give brides yet another platform to add a fun splash of color or show their personality. From sneakers to stilettos there really is a limitless possibility for the perfect wedding shoes!


Below are some of our tips to help you pick the right pair!


Heel Height

Heels are a miracle worker when it comes to posture. Even a kitten heel will help pull back your shoulders and stand a little taller, something you will definitely notice looking back at the photos from your wedding day. But it is also really important not to let anyone pressure you in to wearing skyscraper heels if you don’t do so often. The last thing a bride needs is the added nerves of tripping down the aisle or wobbling around throughout the reception.

It is also really important to have your wedding shoes picked out before you go in for alterations. Whether your shoes have a two-inch heel or a six, the length of your dress will depend on the added height from your shoes.7a219fb265781b0f9484680e65bf97e0

Backup plan

It is always a good idea to have a backup pair of shoes! Whether it is a broken heel or a blister, running into shoe problems happens more often than you may think. Changing your shoes throughout the night will also help prevent your feet from hurting with all the standing.


Wear them in

Many brides are afraid to even remove their wedding shoes from the box before the big day in fear of getting them dirty, especially if they are white satin, but that is a big mistake! Wearing shoes that are not broken-in is a guarantee for blisters and that is the last thing you need bugging you on such a special day!


Get personal

The shoes you pick to wear under your wedding dress are the perfect platform to get creative and give everyone a little sneak of who you truly are. Whether it is bright colors or lots of glitter, there is no limit to what you can do! Personalize with a broach clip or add some of the lace scraps from your dress alterations to really make them special!il_570xN.376950821_pg1x


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