A New Look for Headpieces

As if choosing the right dress wasn’t hard enough, you also have to navigate through all the beautiful headbands and veils. With a new change in gown styles, comes a new look in headpieces. Many brides are skipping the veil and wearing larger headpieces. Either way you go, here are some of our favorite new pieces offered at our store.

New for Spring 2015



One of the prettiest looks this year is the wreath and it is the perfect compliment to the Bohemian styled-gown that is very popular right now.

Side Headband


These pieces have gotten bigger than they used to, but they tend to come in a lace-design, rhinestones, or in flowers. They point of it is to pick up a feature from your gown. This can be worn with a veil.



The new messy bun and braids-look is perfect for combs or clips. You can match any element of your gown with it. It definitely looks beautiful either with a veil or without it.