Palisade, Co

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

We had the pleasure this week of supplying the two flower girl dresses for a wedding in Palisade, Co this Saturday. I can not share the picture until it airs on the first episode of the next season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. The wedding party will be riding on a float in the Palisade Peach Festival today.

gyspy wedding

Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway, 2010 / +44 (0)7973 442527 / / / VAT : 790 5743 04

This is not the dress! The bride is wearing a gown of turquoise and gold made by the famous designer of the show. The show has paid for everything, including a trip back to Romania for the bride to celebrate with her gypsy family whom she has not seen since she was four years old.

The bride and groom live in Rangely, Co. The bride was adopted when she was four years old and brought to the United States. According to the groom’s mother, the children were taken from the birth family and supposed to be put in foster care. When the parents were released, they found the children had been adopted out without their permission.

The bride and groom were in Romania last week and meet her gyspy family. It is a destitute camp,the houses have dirt floors, but the people were happy and welcoming. The bride was kidnapped and held for ransom, as is their tradition. The groom paid $28 to get her back. It was all filmed by the TV show.

The wedding is in Palisade today, followed by float ride in the Peach Festival Parade. I’m sure the reception will be one heck of a party. Wish I was there to see.