Instagram Photo Challenge-Plan Your Dream Wedding

It is February, the month for lovers. Let’s have some fun. You may be engaged, married, wish you had a boyfriend, or none of the prior. Planning a wedding is a pastime most women (and girls) enjoy. If you have never participated in a Instagram Photo Challenge, it is really pretty simple.

  1. You need a instagram account.
  2. Challenge begins February 19 and ends February 28.
  3. Upload one picture a day, following the chart for subject.
  4. Use the hashtag #vrdreamwedding.
  5. Get you friends to like your entry. The most likes for each day will be featured on this blog and on my instagram/victoria rose bridal.
  6. You can check out my Pinterest Account for ideas.  victoria rose bridal.
  7. If you like, you can use the images to make a vision board (collage) of your dream weddinginstagram photo challenge