Creative Guest Books

       Having a guest book at your wedding is the perfect way to remember each and every one of the guests that supported and celebrated such an important day in your life. While the classic book for signatures is an unforgettable memento, there are many more alternative ways to secure a memory from each of your guests. From advice to date ideas there are some incredibly fun ways to get your guests involved and potentially get them mingling with one another. Below are some of our favorite innovative finds for unconventional guest books.


These first few finds don’t stray too far from the traditional guest book. They still gather the guests’ signatures, but in much more creative ways! Whether it is creating a piece art for your home or having them personalize something of meaning to you, you can easily tweak these ideas to make them your own!



Guests will love the opportunity to do something special for you. Date ideas, wishes, advise, or fond memories, opening these notes will bring a smile to your face and open another opportunity to thank you friends again.



Seating charts are another wedding staple, so why not kill two birds with one (creative) stone? Keep record of who attended while simultaneously  letting the leave their mark and fin their seat!


benchThe last to finds are definitely our favorite. Not much explanation is needed for these adorable, one of a kind benches!

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