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A New Take on Vintage Weddings

The vintage wedding trend has been around for many years now, and each time we think it is going away, it comes back stronger than ever! Adding old-world touches and antique items to your big day creates an ethereal feel of romance that brides just can’t get enough of. However, with the undying popularity of […]

The Backdrop Necklace aka The Backwards Necklace

The backdrop necklace is an accessory that is completely overlooked. There is no limit to the ways it can be styled and makes a huge statement without costing a ton of money. Backdrop necklaces leave people thinking, “We hate to see you leave, but love to watch you walk away.” They are the unsung heroes of […]

A New Look for Headpieces

As if choosing the right dress wasn’t hard enough, you also have to navigate through all the beautiful headbands and veils. With a new change in gown styles, comes a new look in headpieces. Many brides are skipping the veil and wearing larger headpieces. Either way you go, here are some of our favorite new […]

Country Bohemian Style Bridal Jewelry

Are you the bride with a unique, shabby, rustic style that is not all rhinestones and white? Maybe your style is some pink, vintage 50’s gown with cowboy boots, a country girl in a barn on the farm, or even a beach wedding with bare feet in the sand.   Meet my friend, Kathleen Brady from […]