Beautiful Backdrops

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place as Colorado. Breathtaking mountains, lakes and ranches serve as unforgettable backdrops for weddings surround us, but living in Colorado also comes with unpredictable weather. Surprise storms and sweltering heat are always a risk at outdoor weddings, so many brides opt to keep their ceremonies indoors. While you may be thinking there is nothing more beautiful than the outdoors, below are innovative ideas to make your indoor backdrop as memorable as colorful Colorado.



Both twinkle lights and candles offer extra romance and intimacy.


Your backdrop is the perfect place to add character to your ceremony, and what better way to do that than add color!


Flowers are a classic wedding favorite, but why stop at bouquets when you can have them surround the ceremony as well?!


Bring the outdoor vibes inside by using old doors and wood for your backdrop.


Take a page from the minimalist playbook and use geometric shapes to frame your ceremony.


Use your backdrop to showcase some of your favorite art or incorporate the work of friends, family, or even something you and your partner create together!


Take classic drapes to the next level by adding flowers, frames or a fun pattern.


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