A New Take on Vintage Weddings

The vintage wedding trend has been around for many years now, and each time we think it is going away, it comes back stronger than ever! Adding old-world touches and antique items to your big day creates an ethereal feel of romance that brides just can’t get enough of. However, with the undying popularity of leather suitcases and typewriters, how can brides make their wedding feel vintage without looking like every other vintage wedding? Below are­­ some ideas to make your ceremony and reception both vintage and unique!

veilVeil: If the birdcage headpiece isn’t quite your throwback style, try a modern take on the Juliet headdress.

boquetBouquet: Classic roses and peonies are timeless and perfect for achieving a muted color theme, and adding cascading greenery strengthens the vintage vibe.

scrollCeremony: Having your vows hand-calligraphed onto your aisle runner will instantly make the ceremony more romantic and bring in the vintage feel by resembling an ancient scroll.


Via Colin Cowie Weddings

Cake: Piping that resembles pearls and lace is the perfect way to bring in the flirty feel and glamour of flappers.


Via Love My Dress

Chairs: There is no such thing as too many pearls, especially in a vintage themed wedding. Tie strands of pearls on to the back of chairs as another unique way to incorporate vintage glamour.

keyEscort Cards: Take escort cards to the next level by attaching them to an antique key and fringe.

booksCenterpieces: Leather-bound books and mercury glass is a killer combo, add a framed quote from one of the classic literary picks and it will be a winner for-sure!

flowersCenterpieces: Take your mini floral arrangements to the next level by pairing them with vintage crystal glasses, antique pearl necklaces and lace tablecloths.


Reception Décor: Have a true “family tree” by hanging old family wedding photos on a tree.

candlesReception Décor: A candlelight reception is ultra romantic reflects a time before the modern era.

furnitureReception Décor: Using a refurbished dresser or desk to display your desserts and favors at an outdoor wedding will add character to any reception. You can also use an antique chair with a backdrop for a fun, vintage-themed photo booth!


From: Bridal Guide