50 Years Strong


It took several years of weekends at the beach for Judy to persuade John to give up his bachelorhood, but her relentless patience (and eventually an ultimatum, shhh!) paid off. John and Judy had a romantic winter wedding that embodied everything beautiful about the 60s. With a dress code of red velvet and elegant floral arrangements to die for, it set the bar for weddings to come.
IMG_7396As any person who has been married for at least a few years would tell you, marriage is not always easy. Today we live in a society that tells us running away when things get rough is totally okay, making commitment a very hard thing to find. Today marks the day of Victoria Rose Bridal owner Judy and husband John’s 50th anniversary. That’s right, fifty years!! John and Judy have set an incredible example of unconditional love, sacrifice, and independence for their seven children and seventeen grandchildren and continue to show them the true meaning of marriage everyday. Congratulations, John and Judy, on 50 years of faith, family and friendship.