2017 Spring Wedding Color Trends

It may only be the first month of the new year, but our minds are already wandering to spring! We have been giddy over the Spring 2017 wedding trends and can’t wait to see wait the months to come bring. One our favorite trends to follow is wedding colors, continue reading below for our top three spring wedding color combinations.


We love this combination of colors for the perfect balance of subtle and elegance. The untouchable feeling that often accompanies white as a main wedding color is thrown out with the lush greens. The natural colors welcome a warm and friendly feel, perfect for any wedding!


Mauve is the underrated neutral. It is pink without your husband-to-be knowing. It is pastel without being easter-y. Grey is the perfect companion color that you can use to make your wedding casual, formal, or anywhere in between. Mauve is also the perfect color to try shade mixing for a very fluid look and feel.


These colors instantly bring a warm smile to our faces. Red is a classic color for a romantic wedding, so we love bringing in the cranberry hue for a slight twist! Adding in splashes of orange and replacing white with ivory makes the wedding feel more relaxed without taking away any beauty or romance.


Trends and photo collages from elegantweddinginvites.com