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Instagram Photo Challenge-Plan Your Dream Wedding

It is February, the month for lovers. Let’s have some fun. You may be engaged, married, wish you had a boyfriend, or none of the prior. Planning a wedding is a pastime most women (and girls) enjoy. If you have never participated in a Instagram Photo Challenge, it is really pretty simple. You need a […]

Creative Escort Cards

Seating arrangements are not simply names put to tables, they are a masterpiece of organization and yet another way to add a little creativity to your special day. There are endless ideas for how to display your escort cards and it is a fun platform to integrate your theme into or share a little bit […]

New Year’s Weddings

2017. New year. New goals. New dreams. And hopefully a New husband! There is so much love and hope and joy that comes with a New Year’s celebration. From remembering the incredible adventures of the past year to fantasizing the ones to come, getting married on New Year’s is the perfect time to start as […]

Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls are possibly one of the cutest parts of wedding ceremonies. From their darling dresses to their pint-sized shoes, they are adorable from top to bottom! While the bride is the main attraction coming down the aisle, flower girls are a close second. Traditionally, flower girls scattered herbs and petals down the aisle to […]

Six Things You Should Know Before Shopping for a Wedding Gown

Now that he’s put a ring on it, its time to start the quest for the perfect dress! Hold on. There is more to finding the gown than pinning a dress on Pinterest. Before you ever step foot in a boutique, do your preliminary research. #1 Budget The first thing you need to do is discuss […]

Rebecca Ingram

Victoria Rose is very excited to announce that we have acquired a new bridal line, Rebecca Ingram! The new sample gowns have been trickling in over the last few weeks and each new one leaves us even more amazed as the last. Rebecca Ingram is a new line by Maggie Sottero, a longtime VR favorite. […]

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

The trend of having mismatched bridesmaid dresses has grown increasingly in popularity over the last few years, but this is one trend we hope never goes away! We love how fun and interesting the different dresses can look together and how they allow each bridesmaid to showcase their individuality. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses also relieve some […]

Wedding Hair- Tips & Tricks

Its no secret what a positive impact a great hair day can have on any regular day, so why wouldn’t you want to make sure you have your best hair day ever on your wedding day? When your hair is just right it increases your self-esteem and overall confidence, two characteristics you will want to […]

Creative Guest Books

       Having a guest book at your wedding is the perfect way to remember each and every one of the guests that supported and celebrated such an important day in your life. While the classic book for signatures is an unforgettable memento, there are many more alternative ways to secure a memory from […]

Tips for Executing the Perfect White-on-White Wedding Décor

Choosing the perfect color for your wedding can be quite a daunting task. Many brides spend hours debating between colors only to pick one and find out that it is impossible to find flowers that match the bridesmaid dresses or that it totally clashes with the venue colors. Through the back and fourths of “this […]

Let’s Propose… To Your Bridesmaids!

Planning your wedding will be one of the biggest projects you ever take on. Wedding details seem to never end and the added pressure of wanting it to be perfect is sure to keep you up late some nights. Luckily, with becoming a bride comes picking out bridesmaids- your nights in matching dresses. These lucky […]

Dynamic Wedding Colors

When trying to make your wedding unique, the theme and colors are typically the first step. One of the emerging trends for weddings right now is having a dynamic color scheme. What this means is that the one or two colors you choose do not make up the décor on everything from the cake and […]

Beautiful Backdrops

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place as Colorado. Breathtaking mountains, lakes and ranches serve as unforgettable backdrops for weddings surround us, but living in Colorado also comes with unpredictable weather. Surprise storms and sweltering heat are always a risk at outdoor weddings, so many brides opt to keep their ceremonies […]

Lillian West

This Friday our team here at Victoria Rose is incredibly excited to write about Lillian West, the newest bridal line addition to the store! Lillian West is a division of a brand we already have in-house, Justin Alexander. It is like their design teams telepathically knew what we were missing, and created dresses with a […]

What to do Before Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Carefully plan your budget  When deciding on your budget make sure to keep in mind that there is a lot more than just the dress. You have the shoes, the veil, the alterations, the jewelry, the garter, and maybe even another dress for the reception. Make sure you take the time to plan out and […]

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Every couple wants to have engagement photos that capture the love they feel for each other, and the anticipation they have towards getting married, so they can cherish them for the rest of their lives. However, it is tricky to find a good photographer, great lighting, the right poses and of course, the perfect outfits to capture […]

Botanical Weddings

While April showers may bring May flowers, every season is the season for flowers. Botanical weddings are absolutely stunning, but the true versatility is often overlooked. Flowers can be dark and romantic or light and happy. They give the feeling of being grounded and calm while still emanating beauty and elegance. You can have a […]

Writing Your Own Vows

The vows you give during your ceremony are one of the most significant parts of the entire wedding. The vows you make are the basis of the commitment you are making to each other as partners. This is your opportunity to tell your partner why you love them and why you want to be committed […]

DIY Wedding-Day Beauty

For many brides, the thought of what your wedding-day makeup will look like is an instant stressor. You want to look amazing but you don’t want your soon-to-be-husband to not recognize you as you walk down the aisle. From concealing and contouring to falsies and foundation, sometimes finding out where to start is the hardest […]

A New Take on Vintage Weddings

The vintage wedding trend has been around for many years now, and each time we think it is going away, it comes back stronger than ever! Adding old-world touches and antique items to your big day creates an ethereal feel of romance that brides just can’t get enough of. However, with the undying popularity of […]

The Backdrop Necklace aka The Backwards Necklace

The backdrop necklace is an accessory that is completely overlooked. There is no limit to the ways it can be styled and makes a huge statement without costing a ton of money. Backdrop necklaces leave people thinking, “We hate to see you leave, but love to watch you walk away.” They are the unsung heroes of […]

50 Years Strong

It took several years of weekends at the beach for Judy to persuade John to give up his bachelorhood, but her relentless patience (and eventually an ultimatum, shhh!) paid off. John and Judy had a romantic winter wedding that embodied everything beautiful about the 60s. With a dress code of red velvet and elegant floral […]